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working philosophy

with an open mind coupled with empirical / statistical + probabilistic backing, my modus operandi is activities drive outcomes. and so, whether it’s approaching abstract problem statements or doing some hardcore trench-level execution, i ensure clarity of thought and energy to execute in two ways:

radical ownership : documentation is the linchpin that i work out of, aided by the cross-functional skillsets i bring: design, market research, content, video, web development, gtm, and sales. i’ve done it all, throughout the lifecycle.

radical candor : feedback is the only real metric that i care about. works both ways, with a good pinch of straightforwardness. my project management capabilities ensure there’s loop closure happening, without the micro-management.

story so far

2016-2019 : attained a degree in mechanical engineering, started 2 companies, wrote a book, became a speaker, built a viral product (AiboMBA), final year engineering project funded by government of karnataka. journey with Vymo begins at the series-B level, as a growth marketer.

2020 : pivoted from being a growth marketer to co-founding the product marketing / gtm function. led product marketing and sales enablement for apac + japan. built no-code apps to improve workflows.

2021 : promoted to senior associate, product marketing and rated outstanding. owned vertical playbooks across strategic use-cases, supported TOFU activities, led partnerships and marketplace integrations.

2022 - present : vymo becomes a series-c funded saas. focused full-time on leading vymo’s market expansion and product marketing initiatives in the north american market. responsible for demos, gtm strategy, sales enablement, demand generation, product evangelisation, positioning and messaging for all use-cases for the americas market.

i'm available to help you with

i sit at the intersection of sales, product and marketing. ps. i'm only useful for b2b enterprise saas. nothing else.

market research : tam analysis, market sizing, competition analysis, persona / account mapping - are essential elements to crafting the b2b account-based marketing engine. this is the first step in scientifically and numerically mapping out your funnel and sales cycle.

demand generation : you’ve got your market and persona figured out. Even the revenue potential. How do you reach out to them? demand generation (organic / paid) are top-of-the-funnel awareness activities, that help you generate MQLs.

product marketing : the bulk of this involves building a positioning document, basis which your sales force will leverage powerful collateral like decks, one-pagers, videos, websites, case studies, battlecards, and more - to ensure deal acceleration across the pipeline.

sales enablement: the most important directive with engaging your salesforce is to have gold standard sales enablement. that also includes figuring out the ROI on all your sales collateral, and optimising your go-to-market messaging basis market feedback.


disclaimer: unnamed lawyers and legal advisors have nudged me to do this. just clarifying that all my running notes are my own, and i’m solely responsible for what i say, all the cuss words, errors, and humor (+sarcasm). this website represents me and in no way is affiliated with my employers, or anybody else. also no word on this website is solicited advice. i write to clarify my own thoughts. i use bullet points a lot.

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